Student Support Office

Everyone needs some support!  At the Adult Campus, we have a Student Support Office available to students. The Student Support counsellors are Jeanne (Jan) Beauregard and Harvey Basi.

 Our Student Support Office is located on the main floor.

The Student Support staff offer immediate support and liaison at all times. Students are encouraged to access the office for discussions regarding personal problems, crises, stress, and/or for post-secondary and career planning.  All the discussions will be confidential and non-judgmental.

Student Support Services include:

  • Class changes, progress reviews, credit checks
  • Career planning
  • Post-secondary planning: Sask Polytech, University of Regina, trade schools, etc.
  • Résumé and cover preparation
  • Job search support
  • Information or connection to community-based supports, programs and agencies such as: drug and alcohol support groups, parenting and daycare supports, housing supports, sexual health supports, healthy recreation, etc.
  • Linkage with government agencies for various programs including financial assistance, corrections, child protection, legal aid, etc.
  • Personal crisis counselling, stress management
  • Counselling referrals for personal counselling and addictions services


Addictions Services

  • There is an Addictions Services counsellor assigned to the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus
  • Dates and times vary, but generally the addictions counsellor is available to meet with students one day each week (currently Wednesdays)


Plan to access the Student Support Office for all forms of support. We are here to ensure your well-being. We look forward to meeting with you.

For a list of online resources and community supports check out: