EAL Program

ABE 1  (Literacy or A1.1-A 1.2 / Entering / Emerging)
This class gives students basic numeracy and literacy skills.  Students study Reading, Grammar, Writing and Math, and work on improving their skills to advance into ABE 2. 

 ABE 2    (CLB 2-3 / Beginning / Reading Level Gr. 2 / A 2.1/ A 2.2)
This class prepares students for the grade 10 program. The goal of this class is for students to improve their English and math capabilities so that they can succeed in grade 10. Students study reading, grammar, writing and math.

 ABE 3 (Grade 10)  (CLB 4+ / Developing / Reading Level Gr. 3/ B 1.1/ B 1.2)
This is the grade 10 program. Students study Science 10, Social Science 10, Life Work Skills 10, Math 10 and Communications 10. To adequately prepare students for the grade 12 program, students will need to demonstrate strong enough reading and writing skills, before they will achieve credits.   

 Adult 12 (CLB 5+ / Expanding/ Proficient/ Reading Level Gr. 5 +/ B 2.1 & higher)
This is the grade 12 program.  Students study English A31, English B 31 in the bridging program to prepare for mainstream A and B30 level English.  As well, students  study,  Social Studies 30, Math 20, Science 20, Elective 30 and Elective 30.  (Students have the choice of electives at a 30 level). 


Students that are planning on attending a post-secondary institution are encouraged to refer to the English Language Requirements of that particular school and the program which they wish to enter. 

 Any students that are 22 years of age by Sept. 30th of a school year, and wish to continue their education will be sent to Saskatchewan Polytechnic for a placement exam and programming will be determined from there.  



*Students aged 18-21 in the  English as an additional language program must have an assessment at the Newcomer Welcome Center before permitted.

*If you are not born in Canada, please provide proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence status at the time of registration.  If you have not attended school in Saskatchewan you must be assessed at the Newcomer Welcome Center before being admitted.


Newcomer Welcome Center

1600 4th Avenue 

Regina, SK 

(306) 523-3112