About the Campus

Many young adults have not completed high school. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to this, many out of the control of the individual student.  Our facility aims to provide those adults, aged 18-21, who have not completed high school the opportunity to complete a program that will enhance post-secondary education and career/employment opportunities. 

We are committed to providing a mature, adult campus that supports the respective needs of students who are committing themselves to complete their education.

The Allan Blakeney Adult Campus is pleased to offer a variety of programs to assist students in completing or upgrading their Grade 12 courses.

We offer:

  • Day Courses


Adult Secondary Education Requirements 

Under the Adult 12 Program, an adult may attain a Grade 12 standing by completion of seven credits.  A minimum of five credits must be at the 30 level.  Prerequisite requirements are waived for adults.  Credits may be attained by taking the course from a Saskatchewan secondary school or a Saskatchewan post-secondary institution approved to offer secondary-level courses.  Adults also have the option of challenging provincial examinations. 

An adult, as defined in The Education Act, 1995, means a person who is at least 18 years of age and who has been out of school for at least one year.  Under the Ministry of Education policy, a person who is 19 is also considered an adult. 

Adult 12 Program 

An academic Grade 12 program that requires the completion of seven credits, a minimum of five to be at the 30 level:

  • English A30 and English B30
  • Social Studies 30, History 30, or Native Studies 30
  • one Mathematics at the 20 or 30 level
  • one Science at the 20 or 30 level
  • two electives at the 30 level



Upgrading for students who have already completed Grade 12 but need to upgrade specific classes for entrance to university or a technical institute.


The Allan Blakeney Adult Campus offers young adults...

  • Opportunity to complete & receive a Grade 12 diploma
  • Opportunity to upgrade existing Grade 12 marks
  • Strong support system
  • Mature setting
  • Student Support Services for personal, academic and post-secondary planning
  • Four quarter system - Students can study 1 or 2 classes per quarter
  • Daycare options available
  • SWISS worker