Day Program

We are now accepting registration for the 2022/2023 school year.

The 2022/2023 school year at the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus runs on a quarter system.

Students are welcome to take a maximum of two classes per quarter.

Quarter Dates

Quarter 1 - September 6 to November 9, 2022

Quarter 2 - November 15, 2022 to January 30, 2023

Quarter 3 - February 2 to April 5, 2023

Quarter 4 - April 17 to June 20, 2023


The Allan Blakeney Adult Campus Day Program is for young adults ages 18-21, with the following guidelines:

1.  Students aged 18-21 - (17 year olds will not be permitted into the Day Program, but may be considered for our Flex Program) will be permitted.

2.  Students aged 18-21 who have completed Grade 12 and would like to upgrade their mark(s) will be permitted.

3.  Students aged 18-21 from out of province will be permitted but must provide their transcript of marks before the start of the quarter.  (This does not apply to those students who have their Grade 12 and are upgrading only).

4.  Students aged 17 whom have graduated are permitted to to attend the Day Program.

5.  Students aged 18-21 in the  English as an additional language program must have an assessment at the Newcomer Welcome Centre before permitted.

6.  If you are not born in Canada, please provide proof of Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Residence status at the time of registration.  If you have not attended school in Saskatchewan you must be assessed at the Newcomer Welcome Centre before being admitted.

Effective May 1, 2019, Regina Public Schools has implemented a new practice regarding enrolment of students.  The division will no longer enroll adult students over the age of 21.  This change will directly affect Allan Blakeney Adult Campus Day School Program. 

If a student turns 22 years old after they have enrolled and are attending school, they will be allowed to complete their courses.


Courses offered - (course selection will vary each quarter)

  • English Language Arts A30
  • English Language Arts A31
  • English Language Arts B30
  • English Language Arts B31
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 30
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 31
  • Native Studies 30
  • Mathematics 21
  • Workplace & Apprenticeship Mathematics 30
  • Foundations of Math 20 & 30
  • Pre-Calculus 30
  • Calculus 30
  • Environmental Science 20 & 21
  • Physics Science 20
  • Biology 30
  • Chemistry 30
  • Physics 30
  • Computer Networking 30
  • Computer Repair 30
  • Life Transitions 30
  • Psychology 30
  • Photography 30
  • Visual Art 30
  • Entrepreneurship 30

Please read below for information regarding registration:

  • Please click here for the 2022/2023 Allan Blakeney Adult Campus Day School Program registration form.
  • Completed registration forms can be emailed to or mailed to the school.

                  Allan Blakeney Adult Campus

                  4210 4th Avenue

                  Regina, Saskatchewan

                  S4T 0H6

  • You will receive an email confirmation upon receiving the completed registration form.


Please email all inquiries to