Kids First Daycare Centre

We believe that every child has a right to access a high-quality childcare program.  Where they are involved in developmentally appropriate programs and are surrounded by nurturing and compassionate caregivers.  Our goal is to provide you this high-quality child care service while you attend school to complete your educational goals.

We are located at 4210 4th Avenue, which is inside the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus.  We are exclusive to parenting students who are attending any type of programming in the city.  We are licensed for 12 infants, 15 toddlers, and 20 preschoolers.  If you are in need of childcare services, please call Shondell at (306) 757-8140 or (306) 537-1668,  Melanie at (306) 757-8140.  We would be happy to provide more information and enrollment papers.

Our email address is