Staff Directory

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Administration and Office Staff

  • Principal:  Fayant, S
  • Vice-Principal:  Lafontaine, L
  • Admin Assistant:  Schildroth,R
  • Admin Assistant:  Craigen, T

Day Program Staff

  • Educational Assistant:  Bencze, D
  • Educational Assistant:  Culham, A
  • Teacher:  Davidson, T
  • Educational Assistant:  Dehaven, B
  • Teacher:  Donovan, A
  • Teacher:  Enion, C
  • Teacher:  Froh, L
  • Teacher:  Harrison, J
  • Teacher:  Kjeldsen, D
  • Teacher:  LaBar-Ahmed, L
  • Teacher:  Leitner, P
  • Teacher:  Loeppky, C
  • Teacher:  Looysen, J
  • Teacher:  Lozinski, D
  • Teacher:  Maffenbeier, D
  • Teacher:  Mann, L
  • Guidance Counsellor:  Newman, R
  • Teacher:  Shaw, E
  • Teacher:  Slobodian, M
  • Teacher:  Stumph, M
  • Guidance Counsellor:  Vollman, R
  • Teacher:  Wells, A