Pre-Adult Campus

The Pre-Adult Campus (PAC) was created with respect to young adults who are committed to bettering themselves and their opportunities through education.  PAC provides flexible and diverse learning opportunities for students 17 years of age.  We take a holistic approach to education and work to understand and meet the complete educational needs of every student.  Our programing helps to support and facilitate student academic learning and achievement.  PAC will provide an environment that supports the unique needs of our students who are committed to working towards their adult 12 education.


PAC offers young adults

  • Opportunity to complete and receive a Grade 12 diploma
  • Receive one-on-one teacher support
  • Modular course work
  • Continuous intake
  • Direct their own learning
  • Strong support system
  • Mature setting
  • Integration into Allan Blakeney Adult Campus


PAC Program courses

  • English Language Arts A31
  • English Language Arts B31
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 30
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 31
  • Native Studies 30
  • Math: Workplace & Apprenticeship 20
  • Math 21
  • Environmental Science 20
  • Environmental Science 21


  • Life Transitions 30
  • Physical Education 30
  • Psychology 30


Please click here for the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus PAC Program registration form.