Flex Program

The Allan Blakeney Adult Campus Flex Program provides flexible and diverse learning opportunities for students 17-21 years of age.  Our program accommodates those students who require a flexible learning style.  Students can achieve credits by meeting with an Adult Campus teacher at a convenient off-site location where they will receive modular work.  The meeting time will be determined by the teacher and student based on a personal learning style.  We offer programing that helps to support and facilitate student academic learning and achievement.  The Flex Model acknowledges the needs of the 21st Century student in a modular-based correspondence program.

The Flex Program offers young adults

  • Opportunity to complete and receive a Grade 12 diploma
  • Receive one-on-one teacher support
  • Modular course work
  • Continuous intake
  • Direct their own learning
  • Strong support system
  • Mature setting
  • Reintegration into a four quarter system

Flex Program Courses

  • English Language Arts A31
  • English Language Arts B31
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 30
  • Social Studies: Canadian Studies 31
  • Native Studies 30
  • Mathematics 21
  • Math: Workplace & Apprenticeship 20
  • Environmental Science 20
  • Environmental Science 21


  • Life Transitions 30
  • Physical Education 30
  • Psychology 30


Please click here for the Allan Blakeney Adult Campus FLEX Program registration forms.